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Fàilte, meaning “welcome” in Gaelic. Fröit mi, a Schweizerdeutsch word meaning “pleased to meet you”.

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The northswiss mantra

“To design is to solve problems. It is to distil the essence of business goals and user needs and combine these factors in creative ways that build upon established patterns and human psychology with the aim of providing utility and delight.

This is not a job, it’s a pleasure!”

—Chris Roy, Founder

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What is northswiss?

Founded in 2007 by Scottish-Swiss Chris Roy—Design Lead, Manager, Advisor and Creator—northswiss is the online brand for the design services which he offers.

Currently working @TravelPerk as their Principal Product Design Manager he leads and manages a team of awesome people overseeing design, research, and product copywriting.

Focused on complex business problems, he's also a Product and Design Advisor for Barcelona-based @Amenitiz and offers design consultancy and services on an occasional basis.

In addition, he’s also a Design Thinking coach who's ran a number of workshops for MBA students at Barcelona’s top business schools, IESE and ESADE, and also within the companies he's worked for.

Now based in Barcelona, he previously worked in various design positions in Scotland, most notably @Skyscanner, @TescoBank, @Sumerian, @GFI and @Axios Systems.

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Building communities

Given that one of the foundational aspects of good design is to solve problems, it must be recognised that a problem shared is a problem halved. This is why coming together and sharing the problems which we are trying to solve is a great way to drive our community forward.

With this in mind, Chris organises and co-hosts Product Design Barcelona on Meetup.com. In coming together the community has shared how it solves problems around: design systems; collaborating with developers; getting hired; plus many other topics.

Want to be a part of that community?

Great! Join us using the link below and we will happily host you as a guest or speaker! We are also looking out for co-organisers and sponsors who can help us in our mission to share and collaborate.

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Design discourse

Below are some articles written by Chris on various topics of design.

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